Use the Living Room for Bedroom Colour Suggestions

If the living room is the heart of a home, the bedroom is the soul. It is the place for tranquility. This room is for peaceful and/or romantic moments.

Although it is a place for privacy, the bedroom also needs to be a showpiece. This is an opportunity to show another dimension of personality.

When brainstorming on bedroom decor, do not be afraid to really express personal style. A good place to start is with the accents that exist in the living room. Accents such as lampshades, pillows, chairs and other splashes give a starting point. Most often these accents are slightly bolder and are a preview of an individual’s other sides. Decorating the bedroom is an opportunity to express those different sides of the personality.

Bedroom Decor #1: Down to Earth

If the living room consists of natural paint and carpet with a subdued, yet darker sofa, go deeper in the bedroom. Use deep colours for the bedding and go into a natural print for curtains. Dark wood furniture is also an excellent choice, and hardwood floors are a nice touch to bedroom decor.

Bedroom Colour Suggestions:

Main: (walls, carpet) camel, buff, rust, hardwood floors
Bedding: burgundy, orange, sienna, cinnamon

Bedroom Decor #2: Chic Sophistication

A living room with furniture such as black leather sofas, bold accent pillows and lampshades and curtains that fall into the black and white theme demonstrate a chic sophistication. This can be carried into the bedroom décor with a more dynamic touch. Rich colours from accent pillows can be used as bedding and for curtains. The bed should be a modern style with matching edgy bedroom furniture.

Bedroom Colour Suggestions:

Main: (walls, carpet) black, white, steel gray
Bedding: red, blue, eggplant, zebra

Bedroom Decor #3: Wild and Bold

Living rooms with mute carpet and walls, subtle accent pieces and bold colours on the sofas, area rugs and curtains mean this person likes to make a statement. The bedroom décor does not need to be played as safely as the living room decor. Darker and more expressive walls are great for the bedroom. Reverse the order by making the bedding more subdued with wild accent pillows and curtains.

Bedroom Colour Suggestions:

Main: (walls, carpet) muted gold, chocolate
Bedding: red, burgundy, green, chocolate

Bedroom Decor #4: Soft and Sweet

Soft living rooms give off a beachy and breezy vibe while putting the person in a peaceful mood. This style is more than likely necessary in the bedroom decor as well. A slightly darker shade or colour on the walls will add a little attitude while still portraying the soft and sweet personality. Bedding and curtains are pretty in light and airy colours and fabrics.

Bedroom Colour Suggestions:

Main: (walls, carpet): cream, pale yellow, seafoam green
Bedding: white eyelet, eggshell

This technique for decorating a bedroom is an excellent start in what should be a fun process. Once the colours have been established, the options are narrowed and decorating the bedroom is a lot more enjoyable.