Easy Interior Decorating – Bedroom Makeover in Under 30 Minutes

Redecorating the bedroom quickly and easily just requires creativity. Here are some easy-to-do, quick interior decorating ideas that will give the bedroom a new look.

There are times when one gets tired of being in the same old bedroom. A bedroom should be a place for one to relax and unwind. Use these simple and easy interior decorating tips to change the look of the bedroom and redecorate it in next to no time. Read on for an introduction to quick decorating ideas for the bedroom.

Changing Bedroom Décor with Furniture Placement

Furniture placement plays a key role in defining the look of a bedroom. Simply altering the placement of the bed or dresser can free up space and freshen up the overall look. Another good idea is to bring in a new piece of furniture from another room and add a new look. This will barely take 20 minutes and can give the bedroom an instant makeover.

Designing the Bedroom for More Space

Small bedrooms, especially, get cluttered and end up looking untidy. Free up space by identifying items that don’t belong in the bedroom or that are taking up undue space. For instance, replace a large dresser with two small trunks that can double up as a seating area. Moving items around will free up space and allow the bedroom to look larger and cleaner.

Add Colour for Redecorating Bedrooms Quickly

Colour is probably the quickest way of redecorating a bedroom. Instead of the time-consuming complete paint job, simply focus on the areas that need a makeover. Create an accent wall or repaint the ceiling or a piece of furniture and see the difference it makes to the overall bedroom design. Alternatively, one can bring in colour by adding a few accessory pillows or cushions, changing a rug or two and adding a few pictures and accessories. Ensure that the colour scheme is coordinated and does not irritate the senses. Cool, soothing or calm and warm colours work best for bedrooms.

More Quick Bedroom Makeover Ideas

  • Giving the bedroom design a fresh, new look doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Here are some quicker redecorating tips and ideas for bedrooms.
  • Bring in a couple of armchairs, if space permits. They’ll add a new look, be comfortable to sit in and watch television and also, to curl up and read a book.
  • Use linen and accessories to add to the look and colour of a room. According to Heather J. Paper, the overall effect of a master bedroom should be soft and soothing.
  • Fill up bare walls with collections of framed photographs or pictures. Avoid cluttering up the walls, though.
  • Create a focal point in the room and decorate around it. For instance, if the bed is the focal point, let the bedroom design revolve around it.

A tidy and well-decorated bedroom always looks great. Simply removing a piece of furniture or adding a new one, changing the colour theme or just decluttering the bedroom will breathe new life and give bedroom décor an instant uplift. Do use these suggestions to redecorate bedrooms and create a fresh, cheerful and relaxing haven of rest in less than 30 minutes.