Four Meters of Sleeping Space – Take a Look At This Bed!

The world’s biggest bed is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as measuring 11.5 by 7.5 meters. While this record is still unbeaten, the new Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam may have made one for the biggest hotel bed – it has a bed measuring four meters wide.

A unique hotel with unique features

This bed has been shown to comfortably host up to eight people. It offers numerous conveniences for singles, couples, and groups alike. For singles and couples, you have ample space to roll around – multiple times – and the luxury of company and space to spare.

It is a great platform for a joint sleeping experience for groups and those seeking some more adventure, a great space for an orgy. What’s more, all the suites are soundproof, and the management does not regulate the bed’s usage.

A unique feature for every room

The Lloyd Hotel is unique in that it is the first one-to-five-star hotel with 117 rooms – guests get the full range of services depending on their room of choice. Additionally, every five-star suite comes with at least one unique feature. While some may not have this dreamy bed, they may offer a grand piano, swings supported by wooden beams, and virtually anything you would not expect to find in a hotel suite.

The room you get is equally a surprise as the unique feature you find inside. The hotel has a policy posted on its website that says, “Every room in the Lloyd Hotel is unique. When you make a reservation, the star category is your choice, but the exact room you will be allocated on arrival is a surprise.”

The suite goes for €300 a night, but this is a small fee for groups of eight, and the experience is worth every penny.