Innerspring, Memory Foam or Another Type of Mattress?

Finding the right kind of sleep mattress depends largely upon choosing a product that is made from materials that offer the sleeper the most sensual of sleep experiences.

Buying the right kind of sleep mattress depends largely on the unique materials from which it is constructed. This material (also known as the mattress’ core unit) is one of the most important considerations when buying the best sleep mattress and getting a good night’s sleep.

The core unit is distinguished from other sections of the bed insofar that it is chiefly responsible for how firm and supportive the bed will feel. Some mattress core unit types include innerpsring, memory foam, latex, air, and water.

The Innerspring Mattress – Coil Springs

The Innerspring Mattress provides comfort and support through a network of metal coils spread throughout the mattress. It is the most prevalent type of mattress in the market. Innerspring mattresses vary with respect to the number and shape of the coils as well the materials from which the coils are constructed.

The Memory Foam Mattress – Polyurethane or Visco-Elastic Foam

The Memory Foam Mattress (also know as “visco-elastic foam”) is made from polyrethane – a material composed of billions of little air cells that decompress under heat and pressure. The result is a mattress that provides excellent comfort and support by conforming to the sleeper’s body shape.

The Latex Mattress – Natural or Synthetic Latex

The Latex Mattress is made from latex liquid processed into a foam suitable for mattresses. Each latex mattress contains holes (called “pincore holes”) that determines the bed’s softness and durability. The larger the pincore holes, the softer the bed will feel. Latex mattresses provide excellent resistance to allergens and can last up to 20 years.

The Air Mattress – Attached Air Pump

The Air Mattress contains an air chamber that can be adjusted to produce varying degrees of firmness. These adjustments can be made with an air pump connected to the mattress. Some air mattreses are divided into two smaller sections that can be individually adjusted. Higher end models provide extra layers of cushioning from materials such as memory foam.

The Waterbed Mattress – Encased Water

The Waterbed Mattress, praised for it’s lack of pressure points and temperature control, is made from a water-filled chamber. Waterbeds have improved over the past decade to provide greater support and durability. A soft-sided waterbed looks like a typical innerspring mattress while a hard-sided waterbed holds the mattress in place within a simple wooden frame.

Many factors determine how satisfying a sleep mattress will be. The best mattress should be complemented with the best sleep pillow as well as the right cushioning, outer layers, foundation and core unit. The core unit is that part of the bed that is chiefly responsible for how comfortable, supportive and durable the mattress will be.