Looking at Oak Wardrobes: Why Buy Oak?

There’s a very good reason that all the old furniture you see in old houses is made of oak, and it’s not just that people in olden times liked the way it looked or its abundance as a natural resource in this country. It’s that oak furniture is built to last. It’s the sort of thing that costs more to buy in the first place but will last so much longer than most other forms of furniture that you’re not really its owner, you’re just its custodian until your kids come along, grow old and find room for it in their own homes.

For this reason, if you’re looking for new furniture for your bedroom, you should really consider getting yourself an oak wardrobe. Oak wardrobes add an element of class to any bedroom, a certain something that really can’t be faked. Walther Benjamin would have called it the “aura” of the original- that extra, unidentifiable quality that you can only experience in the presence of a genuine, first-class piece of furniture. By buying an oak wardrobe for your home, you’re going to be adding an indefinable touch of elegance that only oak wardrobes can provide.

The traditional perception of oak wardrobes is of giant, dark and bulky items of furniture which loom over a room, bulging with old fur coats and stink of mothballs. But with modern design and contemporary building methods, oak wardrobes can be as stylish and up-to-the-minute as furniture made from varied timbers, however with the durability of oak wardrobes the item will be in use for decades, and so you would do well to choose a design of oak wardrobe that isn’t overtly modern in styling so as to ensure it remains in vogue for years to come.

If you’re planning on buying an oak wardrobe for your home, you should first ensure that you’re fully aware of the available space you have. You should measure every dimension, being sure to include the depth and the height, both of which are often overlooked when people measure for wardrobes. The next thing to be fully cognisant of is the amount of space you will need inside the oak wardrobe- will you need just hanging space or inbuilt drawers too? If the former, will you need two hanging rails in your oak wardrobe, or would just one suffice. Lastly, consider your budget. It’s an unavoidable fact that oak wardrobes are dearer than similar items made of other, lesser, materials, but the quality and durability of the product means that despite being dearer to buy in the first place, an oak wardrobe will still offer far better value than any other. An oak wardrobe is an item of furniture that’s worth owning and worth saving up for if possible. It’s also possible these days to buy oak wardrobes on credit- both of these methods open your redecoration project up to that added element of class that an oak wardrobe can provide and are therefore well worth considering.