Mattress Guidelines for a Comfortable Sleep

Sleeping is the only time where your body and muscles get to relax. However, with the wrong type of mattress or rather sleeping on one that has reached the end of its lifespan can be quite uncomfortable. This is why you should take the initiative of finding the right mattress that meets your sleeping needs and preferences.

Quite often, most people rush to stores like iMattresses asking if they can buy the best mattress available. This is, however, a wrong move since there is no perfect mattress for everyone. We all have different sleeping needs and patterns. Therefore, the mattress that might be comfy to you might be uncomfortable for another person.

Below is a guideline on how to pick the right mattress for comfortable sleep. Remember, there are three main types of mattresses; the foam, adjustable and innerspring. The guidelines below have been tailored to determine the ideal mattress for you.

Do you prefer a bed with a bounce?

The innerspring mattress provides an excellent bouncy feel. It features interconnected coils that are covered with fabric which minimizes the ripple effect of a person sleeping on an opposite side. If a bouncy bed is your idea of comfort, then consider buying an innerspring mattress.

Does a firmer base work best for you?

You should opt for a mattress with less spring such as the memory foam. A memory foam mattress has a thick density that enables you not to sink deeper into it, giving you a firm base. They mostly feature different layers of foam dedicated to giving you a comfortable night’s sleep.

Do you and your partner differ when it comes to mattress firmness?

This is a common problem in most homes. Many are the times you may find one partner interested in a firmer base, whereas the other mostly prefer a softer mattress. When the mattress available only favours one person, then that can be quite inconveniencing to the other party.
However, thanks to air-filled mattresses, everyone can enjoy a good night’s sleep. These air-filled mattresses comprise of a side by side chambers that can be remotely controlled on how much air should be in each. The springs inside it can also be easily moved. These unique features make air-filled mattresses perfect for couples.

Do you love sleeping on your side?

If you are a side sleeper, then not all mattresses will work for you. You should pick one that can support your body weight and conform to your shape. Innerspring mattresses can help give you comfortable sleep compared to foam mattresses. You can also opt for soft foam mattresses that have pressure relief points.

Are you a stomach sleeper?

Similar to side sleepers, stomach sleepers also have their own unique sleeping needs. For instance, if you sleep on memory foam, you could end up feeling smothered. It is best if you sleep on something more firm. A dense innerspring and a firm foam mattress could do the trick.

What about those who sleep on their backs?

To those who sleep on their backs, fortunately for you, any of the above mattresses can accommodate your sleeping pattern. Nonetheless, you will want something that is average in matters regarding firmness. The surfaces should also be able to support your back while being gentle on your spine.
The main reason as to why most of us wake up feeling fatigued or tired is because we do not sleep on the right mattress. Use the above mattress guidelines for a comfortable sleep. Always ensure you buy the right mattress that suits your sleeping behaviour.