Non-Traditional Headboards – Frame the Bed Without a Headboard

Try some of these alternative headboard ideas to add some sassy or romantic flair to the master bedroom.

Headboards are essential in completing the look of a bedroom. However, not all headboards need to actually be a headboard. There are alternative ways of framing the head of the bed without spending hundreds of dollars on a traditional headboard and frame. Some can be inexpensive and some can be creative and fun. All it takes is a little imagination and a little elbow grease.

A Canopy for All Seasons

This does not mean a canopy bed with posts, the canopy comes from draped fabric. For a more romantic vibe, choose a sheer fabric of any color or for a funkier feel get something with a cool pattern. There are many different ways to drape the fabric.

Draping the fabric at the head of the bed wall frames the top of the bed well. Secure the fabric to the top of the wall centered with the bed, let it droop and then secure it again at the top of the wall in line with the edges of the bed. Let the extra fabric hang down all the way to the floor.

Also try draping the fabric along the ceiling, running the length of the bed. If the desire is to recreate the look of an actual canopy bed, this is the style to go for.

Photo Perfect

If sheer draping isn’t really the preferred look, try different-sized pictures hung above the head of the bed. Whether it’s a few smaller ones running horizontal to the bed or one large picture, photos will frame the head of the bed nicely. Hang them a little lower to the bed and the photos will give the illusion of having a headboard. Let the picture enhance the theme of the room. For example, if the theme is Paris hang a horizontal picture of Parisian streets.

For several smaller pictures, use photos that correspond to each other. The pictures could be abstract, such as several pictures of the same flower or different flowers of the same color. Select pictures that will best enhance the feeling of the room.

Mirror, Mirror

Another option is to mount a long mirror horizontally on the wall by the head of the bed. Much like the horizontal picture, this gives the illusion there is a headboard without actually having one. Long mirrors can be bought rather inexpensively at most store. They come in many styles like beveled edges or painted white flowers around the edges. Or pick up a plain mirror and use some creativity to do something fantastic with it. Etch a saying into the mirror or, for newlyweds, the first letter of a new last name.

A plaque with a romantic saying on it is becoming quite popular as a headboard alternative. Some of the more popular sayings are “Always Kiss Me Goodnight” and “Live, Laugh, Love”. There are many variations. These plaques would look nice above the bed paired with the sheer canopy idea mentioned above.