Sprung Divan Base – Everything You Need To Know

Divan beds are known for their versatility. Everything from the size to the fabrics used can be customised to suit your needs and your budget. But, if you’re looking for something on the higher end of the scale then you need to take a look at a sprung base divan bed. These incredible beds feature a layer of springs situated at the very edge of the bed.

The springs in the sprung base are designed to mimic a shock absorber in your car. This ensures that the base offers added support as well as a softer sleeping area. There are generally two types of divan bases in this range; the firm edge and the sprung edge base. The firm edges bases are the most common while the sprung option is generally considered to be the more luxurious one. It then also goes without saying that the sprung bases are prices higher than the firm bases.

Sprung Divan Base Benefits

While they are more costly, they are also considered to be excellent value for money, like those on Rapyalstores.co.uk. Some of the key benefits to owning a sprung divan base include the added support from the spring layer on the base. The beds also offer a more comfortable sleeping surface and the spring layer ensures that the mattress you place on top will last longer. Lastly, the firmer layer at the edge of the bed prevents the sleeper from accidentally falling off.

Sprung Edge vs Firm Edge

Both the firm and the sprung edge bases offer great additional support but the one key difference between the two is that in the sprung edge the spring layer is confined to the outer edge only whereas the firm edge features a spring unit surrounded by wood. Sprung edge divan beds also feature a higher spring count that the firm edge base. The sprung edge bases are also generally more expensive.

Is It Right?

When looking at buying a divan bed you need, the most important aspect you need to keep in mind is which level of support you need for a great night’s sleep. Sprung base divan beds will offer you a softer sleep surface. This is because the sprung base will act as a cushioning surface for your mattress. Additionally, if you’re looking for a bed that ensure that your mattresses last longer, the sprung base should be your go-to choice. This is because the sprung base will ensure any undue pressure is take off the mattress and diverted to the base itself.

Mattress Choice

The mattress you choose for your sprung divan base is also important. While you can use any mattress on your sprung divan base, you are most likely to opt for a softer variant. This will give your bed a fluffier feel. If you need a firmer mattress you may want to overlook the sprung divan because the spring layer will actually take away from the firmness of the mattress.


Older Sprung bases rarely feature built-in storage. But, this has changed. Today many of the sprung base divan beds are equipped with additional storage.